Thursday, April 2, 2009

Purple Heart

Setcreasea pallida, or Purple Heart, often used as a container plant, is super in the landscape. The stems are succulent, so it doesn't wilt easily. Broken stems root easily, just stick them into soil.

March, 2009

Last year I saw a house with purple heart edging daylily beds and came home to immediately start a Purple Heart edging in front of the Long Rock Bed. The plants die back in winter. They have a good start this season. I tucked some yellow daylilies behind, along with some yellow true lilies. Melampodium will reseed in summer.

October, 2008


  1. I've got purple heart in the perennial bed too. Broken stems from a container plant went into the ground. It's hard to believe such a soft plant can take the freezes we had this year. It's slow coming back for me, but I have seen some new growth. I want it to take over the borders when the dianthus aren't blooming.

  2. Sounds like perfect plant for a summer garden. Thank you for the info, Nell.


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