Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sweet William and Pretty Daisies

Mama used to tell a family anecdote about her Uncle Bob saying when asked about a flower in the yard, "Well, Sister Stella would call them Sweet William, but I call them Pretty Daisies." Bob's wife was named Daisy; Stella's husband was Bill.

Today in the garden, my favorite pretty Daisy is blooming, an old pink species Gerbera, here for about 40 years. They were in bloom in front of the porch when my SIL died in 1973. They've moved about some since, but they've kept going. Another South African flower, they like the climate here and bloom in part shade.

The biennial Sweet William goes on forever, self-rooting cuttings and reseeding. I frequently plant new seed, sometimes saving seeds from the dark flowers, sometimes from the white. I like the auricula-eyed blooms, too. The darker flowers have a stronger fragrance. None are so fragrant as their relatives, the Pinks, which I showed yesterday.


  1. Sweet William! You must be having bees buzzing about them and butterflies and what more birds too? What a beautiful name! And in the lovely spring, they must emanate love! Love the daisies - nice soft pink!

  2. glenda (gldno1)Friday, April 10, 2009

    Wonderful combination of pinks with the pansies and Sweet Williams. Beautiful colors.

    I am trying to get Sweet Williams stated again.....they didn't self seed for me here. I planted some very old seeds and have maybe 3 plants up.

    The Gerbera Daisy is lovely too, once again don't do well for me.


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