Thursday, April 23, 2009

To the Devil and Back

Planted Parsley seeds today. Old folks said that parsley has to go to the Devil and Back before it germinates. I think that it takes about 2 weeks. I find it hard to believe the Devil is a week away; I thought he hung around all the time.

This time I had better sense than the time I planted parsley next to the birdbath. When black swallowtail larvae covered the parsley, birds swooped in for dinner and a drink. These are tucked in over next to some nectar plants.


I planted zinnia seeds too, and transplanted 3 gaillardia from the herb garden into the Sunset Bed near orange roses and other delights.



  1. That sounds about right, my parsley seeds have just sprouted and they have been in the hotbed for 2 weeks ... :)

  2. I may have planted some parsley, I can't remember. I plan to plant more. I couldn't find my fennel seeds the other day when I went out to plant. It's been raining most of the weekend, so I have been trying to get some housework done. I did get a few plants in yesterday before we picked up our grandson from my parents'.


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