Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Upper Garden

The Oval Lawn, surrounded by plants with buds, but few blooms except for dianthus and some newly planted pentas on the north side.

The ubiquitous Knock Out, which was a gift from Mary Daniels, along with a little wrought iron Monkey, five years ago.

West end, the center grassy paths. What looks like grass is crocosmia, tons of it.

Tangerine Bulbine and Purple Heart beside a big rock.
In the background is a big live oak that shelters the Aquarium Garden on the near side and the Fairy Garden on the far side, with hydrangeas in the middle.

There are two pink Queen Elizabeth blooms 6 feet in the air. QE grew from a cutting that I mistook for a mini rose and planted too close to flowering pomegranate. I let QE grow straight up; now I have to prune and perhaps move her.

Lilies in bud are everywhere. I can hardly wait!


  1. I'd so want to lie in that Oval lawn and breathe in Nature's exquisite beauty! What an apt name - Knock out!

  2. My crocosmias are not up yet. I hope they are alive. You have a good stand of them.


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