Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bright Lights: When the Bulbs Come On

This LA lily, above, coordinates perfectly with 'Silver Veil' daylily below
Bulbs are more fool-proof than seeds. Newly planted bulbs don't wash away easily like seeds. Most can stand a bit of drought, or extra water if it drains away. Most are perennial, if care is taken to chose those hardy in your climate. There are bulbs for every season, if you count Amaryllis and Paperwhites inside in the dead of winter.

Right now I'm eagerly awaiting blooms on lilies. A few early ones have opened, Gladioli, too.

The down side of bulbs: the foliage of spring bulbs and lilies takes a long time to ripen, so you have to either disguise them or direct the view elsewhere. Placement is important; some gardeners forget and dig into bulbs when the foliage is withered away.


  1. My lily is blooming now, a gift from DD for mother's day :) I love the color on that LA lily!

  2. Our lilies in Portland are trying to decide whether to "pop" or not. They get the standard 2 days of sun then the weather retreat back to cool rain, as - seemingly - always. But we're close!

    I miss the South so visiting your blog is a warm experience for me. You have a gorgeous blog. Thanks.


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