Thursday, May 7, 2009

Climbing Roses -- Red and White

Red Cascade, with tiny blossoms, but lots of them. Instead of climbing, this one wants to spread. I've propped it up with little pieces of metal edging fence, and encouraged it to climb cedar posts.

A better glimpse of White Dawn since more buds opened.

The Knockout roses and Belinda's Dream have finished their first flush of bloom in the Pink Rose Bed, just as lily buds get larger and larger. Pink Lilies may be carrying the show alone.


  1. That 'Red Cascade' is quite stubborn about wanting to grow sideways. I don't have her in my garden anymore, I just could not keep her upright. DH stepped on one of her thorny canes lying-in-wait, and at that time, she had worn out her welcome. He dug her up and gave her to the neighbor, I think.


  2. OOps, I hit the wrong button...

    I meant to say that she is very pretty. I love red flowers anyway, and she puts on a real show. AND...the show lasts a nice long while too.

  3. Nell ~ I love that picture of the red cascade against that weathered fence post.



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