Saturday, May 30, 2009

Colors of the Garden: Pink Shades

Finally blooming together: Spirea Bumalda, Echinacea and 'Byzantine Emperor' daylily. In front of the grouping is chartreuse alternanthera. I wonder if I'll wish I'd put pink begonias there. Maybe I'll have both!

The flat of begonias I bought this week is finally all transplanted into pots. They had either left two seedlings in each cell, or put two cuttings in each. Most had one pink and one white. A few were a light red with green leaves, not as vigorous as the pinks and whites. I separated the ones that were different colors, left most of the matches. Ended up with 27 pots from 18 cells. They were quite crowded, so they need to recover for a few days so they don't look so leggy. I may leave some in the best pots. I didn't intend to have a single container plant this year. Suddenly I have containers everywhere.

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  1. I love your all your flowers, but these really catch my eye. I am in the pink, light yellow, and lavender mode or mood these days.


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