Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fiesta Dreams

In the hottest, driest spot in the whole garden, was born the notion for a Red Bed. All flowers would be shades of red and maroon. It didn't work very well. Other colors kept creeping in; the reds refused to glow. It turned into Fiesta: fuchsia, orange, pink, blue.
A sample of the blues: cornflower and larkspur with an orange poppy and some pink Silene. About to bloom is Black Out lily.

Grown from seed, and from a slightly warmer climate, I watch impatiently for the return of the legume-like leaves of Pride of Barbados, which waits for really hot days to emerge. I have two. Surrounded by the pinks of Laura Bush Petunia and Silene, the grey-green leaves are backed up by the brighter green of Esperanza, taking off in the heat.

Looking down the long axis of the bed, with Red Cascade roses in the foreground. This rose is the only true red that thrived. Supposed to climb, instead she wants to crawl beyond the points where I tried to encourage climbing.

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