Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flowering Pomegranate

Every year is different in the garden, but this is a very different year for the pomegranates. Usually they bloom all at once, the bushes covered in blooms. This year, they've bloomed off and on for weeks, never very many blossoms at once.

PhotobucketPunicas: flowering pomegranates

These are another of the plants that were here since before I first saw this place, more than 4 decades ago. I dug up the original plant from under an oak tree that had volunteered and overtaken the pomegranate, divided it and set the shrubs though the upper garden.

This cultivar is purely ornamental and bears no fruit. I've seen edible pomegranates growing in the next county west.

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  1. What a lovely bloom Nell. I didn't know there were non-fruiting pomegranates. I always love seeing what's in your gardens.



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