Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Much Help Do I Really Need?

Buffie, checking the California Poppies
From Spring to Summer 2009

Buffie is determined to HELP with everything I do. She 'helped' yesterday by grabbing and chewing one of the surveyor tape tags with which I was about to mark Shirley Poppies that I want to remember the color when I collect seed.

This morning, a poppy flower that I marked a few days ago, the stem and the separate tag were all on the step waiting for me. Buffie had 'collected' them for me, since she was up early.
From Spring to Summer 2009


  1. LOL .. please don't help Buffy. The pup is really growing, love your blooms!

  2. Haha, oh buffy! My dog Rusty likes to help too...usually, this usually results in seedlings getting crushed by his large paws! Oh well...Your poppies are beautiful. Did you start most of them from seed or purchase the plants? What is the best way to start poppies? I've had some trouble in the past.

  3. Poppies are best planted in the fall, or in cool zones, late winter. The seeds need some cold before they germinate. They also need light to germinate, so don't cover the seeds.

    Some people scatter the seeds on the snow over the beds where they are to grow and bloom. We don't have snow, so I plant in November.


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