Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Most Romantic Blooms

From my garden yesterday. Gardenias are sometimes called 'Cape Jasmine' because the first cultivated plants were found in South Africa by a sea captain. They are actually native to China. Linnaeus named them 'Gardenia' for a Dr. Garden who often sent plants to his friend Mr. Ellis who forwarded them to Linnaeus. Dr. Garden received two of the plants named for him, one dead and the other died shortly after. Fortunately for us, Gardenias were introduced to the American South, where they bloom faithfully every June.

Easily grown, if one does not panic when their leaves turn yellow, nor love them to death with too much of everything. Propagate in a bottle of water when a long stem is cut with the flower. Leave the stem and leaves to root after the blossom turns yellow and falls.

I wish you could smell these.


  1. I wish I could smell these too :)

  2. I love gardenias, they remind me of living in Southern California. I wish they could grow here!

  3. I love gardenias! My garden spaces aren't watered much and wouldn't be too accommodating for them, but I always make a point of going by the potted gardenias whenever I visit the nursery, just to take a good sniff.


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