Friday, May 1, 2009

Plants for a Moonlight Garden

"The Bride" Snapdragons and Nicotiana
Oakleaf Hydrangea behind NicotianaOakleaf Hydrangea, close up


  1. Lovely shots! I used to grow nicotiana alata but now cannot find seeds for it anywhere.

  2. I really want to give nicotiana a try sometime because of its fragrance. Should it be planted in spring or fall in zone 8B?

  3. My first time growing nicotiana and I finally have some blooming today. The white is way ahead of the purple. I wintersowed mine. I've got more to plant out in the next week or so that were sown very late.

  4. Very pretty plants. We are getting a lot of rain today.

  5. The oakleaf hydrangeas are just starting to get some green here, I have several outside my windows .. they are just one of my favs :)


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