Monday, May 25, 2009


Persian Shield




  1. Very pretty! I just bought my first Persian Shields and have them in a pot for now until I see how much shade they can take. They're so striking!

  2. My Persian Shield isn't doing much. I took several cuttings when I first got it and they've rooted and are growing much faster than the parent plant. I just love the color.

    And that datura. Stunning. Mine turned out a lavender rather than a deep purple. You'll have to save seeds for us. :)

  3. Lovely. I had some Datura pop up in my okra bed last year. Crazy-looking stuff. I had no idea what it was until a wildflower-loving friend tagged it for me. When I looked it up online, however... I got tons of crazy drug stories about people eating it and going nuts. Apparently it's pretty AND poisonous!


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