Thursday, May 21, 2009

South African Plants in Southern USA Gardens

Agapanthus were planted in long borders outside an industrial park that we passed this morning when we went to the city (Tallahassee, FL). Huge blue spheres of florets on tall stems, they were beautiful. To break the monotony, there were short stretches of yellow daylilies which were not nearly as eyecatching as the blue blossoms. Last year, I saw the same plants blooming in huge beds on the lawn of a downtown office building in Dothan, AL.

Agapanthus comes from South Africa, as do a number of bulbs and perennials that we grow here.

Other South African Bulbs and Tubers in my garden include:

Calla Lily
Elephant ear

Non-bulbous South African plant favorites include Gerbera daisy, Begonias and tall Marigolds.

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