Monday, June 8, 2009

The Color Purple

The purple daturas are starting to bloom. There are 3 in this bed.
Datura plants mostly replaced fading poppies, in early May.
Their dark stems are very dramatic looking in the garden.
Daturas were started early from seed. They have yellow, chartreuse
and lavender companions, with a dash of orange here and there.

This bed has 5 daturas on the south end, Lilacina Crape Myrtles on the north end. Madagascar periwinkles are coming up fast.
Datura Buds with 'Dazzle' LA lily.
Black eyed Susans on the south end are wallowing over the Purple Heart edging, so BES will go soon.

In the fall, the Salvia leucantha will take the show with melampodium seedlings that are coming up now.

If I'd known these gladioli would be this rich a purple and not the paler color on the package, I would have planted them elsewhere instead of in the rose Rose Bed.

I'm crazy about alternanthera and traded some chartreuse for some purple. The purple is a much stronger grower, getting tall with huge leaves. I'm wondering if like the red, the color gets more brilliant in autumn?

I'm always rooting more Persian Shield. I tried moving an old plant last year. It didn't return this spring. New plants started in early summer have so far survived the worst winters here. I want to put PS in the hydrangea bed that is edged with Stokesia.


  1. I love purple in the garden, especially that Persian Shield.

  2. My alternanthera is growing quickly too. Some of the red and green is doing well, some not. I thought they'd all have the same habit. I like the colors of the others, but wish they would take off like the purple has.

  3. I didn't plant the purple datura this year, and didn't give it a chance to go to seed last year. I don't even seem to have a good spot to let the moonflower seedlings grow in my new bed, but am letting a couple grow in the veggie garden. I didn't let any grow there last year, so these are from the plant that was there 2 years ago.

  4. Nell, I seem to remember now that you said the red and green don't grow too large. I'm very impressed with the purple. I'll post pictures soon of the ones I have.


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