Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Factor in what it Feels Like

That's what the Weather Channel Lady just said on TV, in the background here.

Yesterday it felt like we might melt. While we were at a restaurant in Tallahassee about 2 pm, there was a sudden shower of rain outside. By the time we went outside, the sun was shining again and while water was running off the parking lot in a little stream, most of the water had turned to steam. The temperature had dropped from 101 when we left the car to 94 when we returned. A few miles crossing town and it was 100 again, only more humid than before.

Here's a link to the Marianna Airport record, just down the road aways from here. The interesting thing is, it shows a thunderstorm at around 7 pm with 0.12 inch of rain. We experienced the wind, the clouds, the thunder, everything except rain. On the radar, I could see it was just 3 pixels away from us.

On the other hand, the temperature dropped from 94 to 82 from the nearby rain and the humidity climbed. From 3 am to 6 am relative humidity was 96%. Most places, that would mean it was raining! Not here.

(Note: if you're reading this after the 24th when I'm typing it, the weather record will have moved on to the next day. It's a continuously moving 3-day record. I elected not to print to file and post here, it would be teeny print, unreadable. Or just trust me: the temperature went to 100 degrees and the humidity in the wee hours of the morning here was 96. That's why the vegetation here doesn't just dry up to a crisp.)

I think I would feel cooler if I didn't check the thermometer nor the computer weather, turned off the TV and stayed inside.

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