Friday, June 19, 2009


It's hot, the humidity is high and plants that love the summertime are growing like weeds. Last evening, I gave some of the oakleaf hydrangeas a haircut, snipping off all the brown and crispy blooms. They're nice in that pink stage pictured. I find the totally dry heads unattractive.

I read that they may rebloom if the old heads are cut off. I did that last year and can't remember if they did. They have lots of new foliage coming on. Maybe I waited too late. Either way, I like the foliage only version when they get crispy. I had to leave the ones I can't reach, high in the air, but the small shrubs look nice. I just left the brown blooms on the ground like mulch, to disintegrate.

Echinacea and several other perennials need deadheading as other blooms come on. They just can't all bloom together in this long growing season.

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  1. Our oakleaf hydrangea is just now flowering, they won't get that brown color till Fall .. such is living in different zones.


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