Thursday, June 25, 2009

Magenta Pentas

Bigger leaves, blossoms and stems that any other pentas I grown, this is the also the hardiest. The closest one shown returned; the two upper right were cuttings. Red 'Ruby Glow' managed to survive for many years before failing to return this spring after a hard winter. I kept cuttings of all the other pinks and lavender. Susie gave me a plant of 'Julie Neel's Favorite' white pentas which is happy in the Yellow Rose bed.

Zinnias are coming on fast to join the pentas to provide nectar for butterfly feasts. There are Stargazer lilies opening up nearby and back a ways Common Purple phlox is blooming magenta.

Stray sticks in the beds are reminders to the dog about shortcuts.

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  1. I love your pentas! Mine never do well for me but I will try again. Love your Southern garden!


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