Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meadow Experiment

When the old barn was torn down last winter and the area leveled, I scattered annual seeds that bloom in early spring as a meadow experiment.

Poppies, April, 2009
Poppies, April 2009

April 2009

May blooms include Silene, Corn Poppies and California Poppies.

When weeds begin to overtake the remaining flowers, it's time to mow.
Cattle egrets followed the mower, delighting in the insects stirred up.


After the last mowing and first frost in fall, I'll scatter more seeds for next spring's meadow.


  1. Your meadow is lovely...I keep the empty shells of the poppys after I empty them out...I just think they are perfect!

  2. I love your meadow of flowers ... the great thing is it will reseed itself :)

  3. I love your meadow, too! After mowing, do you let it grow and bloom again?

    Oh, your wondering about what would happen if you grew a carrot top in water made me laugh. If I tried it, it would either dry up and shrivel, or get moldy. LOL


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