Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Crapes are Murdered in this Garden

Numerous articles are written in gardening circles about 'Crape Murder.' Continued pruning to the same point leaves the trees with ugly knobs in winter, not attractive at all. Proper pruning leaves the exfoliating trunks and branches attractive in winter.

The bypass road around our town has crape myrtles the entire length. As many as 15 of the same color in the median then changes to maybe 8 of another color and then another long row of yet another. Back in the spring, they were lopped back to about 3-4 feet tall, some of the larger cultivars not quite so low. They've all put out growth now and some are blooming. They provide plenty of color all through the summer.

There's room in my garden for large trees with no crape murder, just occasional pruning of wayward branches. This pretty pink is the first in full bloom.


  1. That's sure a beautiful tree!
    Every year I watch my neighbor butcher his Crape Myrtles heartlessly.
    Thank goodness for their resilience and forgiveness.

  2. That is a beautiful tree!


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