Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Strawberry Patch Is Ready for a Hurricane

Back in late winter, I bought a little packet of strawberry plants in a plastic bag, bareroot. Impulse purchase. When I got home and looked them up, it seemed they were more suited in this climate for container planting. I potted up each in a black plastic gallon container, mulched the top with pebbles and pine straw. Today I decided they need to be in the ground, when I found volunteer tithonia plants in the bed where they were lined up behind a 4x4 in front of some old barn timbers that are hollow. The strawberry plants were rootbound and the roots were frying in black pots.

It takes a whole day to plant 11 strawberry plants when the local weather people are saying 'feels like 101' and the dog helps. I found a very ripe strawberry hidden under a leaf, laid it aside. She ate it. She sat on everything, stepped on everything and dug up one whole plant before I could intervene. Things got quiet. I looked behind me. She was picking blueberries and eating them, spitting out the ones that weren't quite ripe. When I watered the plants, she had to drink from the hose, over every plant.

We're finally done after frequent trips into the house to get cool. Pine straw mulch was tossed about. Six Tithonia survive, making an irregular front border of a sort. They need companions seeded in, when Buffie isn't looking.

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  1. ROFL, I love your adventures with the pup ... hey he sees you digging and is only trying to help out.

    Yum ... strawberries and blueberries ... I would be hard put not to pick and taste too!


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