Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice

Longest day of the year, and the hottest so far, with temps hovering around 100 and the heat index too hot to mention.

Tecoma stans is starting to bloom, beautiful yellow bells. Blue porterweed has put out spikes and little blue/purple blooms for butterflies, who needed something to follow the pink silene which has gone to seed.

I never expected gladioli so purple as these. Variegated cannas have a bloom spike, soon to be a brilliant orange. Purple Heart and Bulbine are two more that don't seem to mind the heat and humidity so much.

Buffie shows just how hot it is; she spent a good part of the day inside. Lantana just laughs at sunshine, heat and humidity.


  1. You may keep the heat as long as I get to enjoy your blooms! We are in the low 80's with lots of sunshine, a little humid the last couple of days but the rain moved that out too ... Buffy is really growing, gonna be a big dog like Cur ?

  2. Good pix, Nell Jean. And no, I am not an anglophile, particularly. But my American dictionary lists "storey" as the preferred version.


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