Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Blues

A new ceramic pot to add to my collection of blue pots. The sticker says it will hold a 10" nursery pot. Not. It might hold a 10" nursery hanging basket with the handle removed. It is too shallow for even a smaller black plastic nursery pot. Determined this year not to have containers, I'm going in the wrong direction.

Storm Cloud. I can hardly wait until it opens completely. Such a strong blue compared to the other Agapanthus here.

Agapanthus species, smaller than Storm Cloud, but almost the same blue as the hydrangea in the background.


  1. That is a beautiful blue agapanthus! I have never seen such a dark blue! I only have the regular, but they are earning their space in the garden. They have been blooming for a month!

  2. You may be wanting to cut back on containers, but I certainly see why you succumbed to that pot. What a gorgeous blue!


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