Friday, June 12, 2009

Waiting for Pentas and Porterweed

Butterflies are patiently waiting this year for Pentas and Porterweed to get going. They're nectaring on Lantana and Echinacea and Vitex.

This year, a single red Porterweed managed to put forth a new shoot. The rest are dead stems. Fortunately I kept cuttings over the winter. One blue has blossomed so far, some others have stalks beginning.

All my fav Ruby Glow pentas that I'd had for years and at least a couple would faithfully return each year -- gone! The red cuttings all died, too.

I wonder if it was all the rain this spring, or the two years drought that finally did them in, or more than the usual number of freezes?

Last year's reds

A couple of the sturdy tall dark pink have returned and are budding. I kept a whole dark lavender one in a pot all winter, a number of pink cuttings and one white cutting.

This year's lavender pentas awaits butterflies.

I went out to check their progress and found this teeny little pentas blooming, not 3 inches tall, a cutting that finally rooted. The grassy appearing plants are sisyrinchium, long past bloom. The pentas on the left was not as eager as its little sibling.

The rose color pentas is already an attraction. Just after I took the first pic below, look who showed up!

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