Saturday, June 20, 2009

When the Thermometer Goes Over 100

Photos are from this morning when it was only 88 degrees and the humidity was only 50%. Now, some plants are beginning to wilt for self-preservation. If you were visiting, we might prefer to stay inside where it's cool looking at the pictures, and not think about a heat index that may reach 108.

There is a tiny green flag at bottom left when you view the slideshow. Clicking in it brings up captions. clicking on the slideshow will take you to the album itself which may be a preferable view. I'm not sure an embedded slideshow is better than scrolling through a dozen pictures in the post. What do you think?


  1. Nell, the slideshow worked very smoothly for me. I do like the captions explaining the plants and other comments. Can you do that on the pictures?

    I enjoy the pictures any you do them.

    Very hot day here too with high humidity.

  2. I like pictures. I like to scroll at leisure while sipping an iced ANYTHING. It's only 91 here by the thermometer, but my face tells me it's much hotter. The wind has picked up a bit which helps. The perennial bed looks to be giving up the ghost. I want to water, but it's too hot and too late. The strong shall survive.

  3. Warm and muggy here today, but not anything close to what you are having....okay, I love the slideshow (if I knew all the plants, which I dont LOL) .. so for someone like me who doesn't know each plant I prefer still photos with descriptions!

    Stay Cool Nell!


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