Friday, July 10, 2009

A Bit of Time Travel

I'm not fond of travel. I like the planning and anticipation. I like being somewhere interesting. I hate the actual travel: getting up early to catch a plane, long hours in a car, strange beds, disrupted routines.

What a grand way to visit far-off gardens, these videos found online. This one is the garden of Mark Akin, MD, Central Texas pond gardener. Touching and smelling the plants are not possible in this kind of tour, but lingering in a stranger's garden is allowed. I'm very grateful to KLRU-TV for putting their videos on Youtube.

I had to travel to 2 nearby towns today, in a rough triangle or dogleg. The last destination in the second town was to see if the big box store still had Julia Child roses. Not only had they not sold many so there was a good choice, but there was also a cart of 50% off tropicals and some fresh potted caladiums. I'll tell you about them after they're repotted, planted or whatever.


  1. I do not like to travel either, but I do enjoy the Travel Channel :) The pond is awesome, had to keep the sound off because DH is watching the news, but you really didn't need sound to enjoy these gardens.

  2. I recently bought a Julia Child, too. It has such a wonderful fragrance. Mine is small but I am hoping for a few more flowers this summer. Hope you enjoy yours.

  3. Now that's a pond!

    I don't like travel either and once I am someplace for a night, I am ready to be home again.

  4. The KLRU videos are my favorite gardening videos. I keep checking back for new ones as I've watched them all. This was a new one and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing it.

    One thing about 'going away' is that it is so wonderful to be back home.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. Isn't plant shopping fun? I keep buying, planting, saying I'm done, seeing more holes, and going out for more. Larry knows better than to take me seriously when I say I'm finished. My next door neighbor submitted our yard to the newspaper when they requested entries for front yard gardens, so that causes me to see places I want to put more plants in.


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