Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bloom Day and Butterflies Attracted to the Blossoms

It's so hard to decide what to feature on Bloom Day? Shall I expect others to scroll through 18 photos or turn 18 into 3 collages? Or shall I choose just one? Oh, you should see the Heliconias and Pride of Barbados and the Hydrangeas!

Since it is July and new butterflies are showing up daily, I decided to combine blooms with visitors and just show what was nectaring when I was out with the camera, mostly on Zinnias and Pentas. I didn't show the Lantana, also popular.

I really wanted to show you the neat snake I saw, but he's not a blossom.
I also wanted you to see the purple Daturas; some are on yesterday's post.
Come back tomorrow to see what the storm blew down yesterday.

See the official list and many other blooms at May Dreams, host Carol, who is a gracious gardener.


  1. Lucky you to have so many beautiful butterflies visit your wonderful garden. Everything looks healthy and nice. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your garden.

  2. I'm glad you shared your zinnias. They are so pretty and big! Dont you love it when the butterflies are flitting around?

  3. Love the butterflies! Mine always seem to be gone by the time I have the camera ready. Thanks for sharing!


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