Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blooms You Didn't See Yesterday

From upper left: Julia Child Rose and Moonbeam Coreopsis, Julia is new.
Crocosmia. Carefree Delight Rose. Purple Datura.

Row 2: Salvia farinacea, I think it is Victoria; view across the salvia to where the big stump fell over in the windstorm. More pics of that and the snake to follow later; Bird of Paradise foliage behind Hydrangeas in various stages of bloom.

Bottom: Wax Begonias along the azalea/gardenia walk; daylily 'Brocaded Gown'


  1. I love your flowers. I am zone 8 also. Do your begonias come back? I had an angelwing come back last spring, but I think those ultra cold temps last winter killed it. I love your Julia.

  2. glenda (gldno1)Friday, July 17, 2009

    Beautiful flowers. Enjoyed seeing you Mower Man doing his Tractor Man thing! We were afraid our huge stump was too big for the tractor and the remaining hole would have had to be filled, so just moved it back into the hole. DH has promised me he will work on the remaining hump this fall.

    I enjoy seeing how things are looking in your southern part of the world.


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