Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daturas: Devil's Trumpets because they Point Upward

Brugmansias, which hang down, are known as Angel's Trumpets. Daturas, whose buds and fresh blooms point upward are called Devil's Trumpets. The Fragrance of the blooms are quite heavenly. If you've smelled Four O'clocks, the fragrance is similar but Daturas are a more delicate scent and can be caught on the slightest breeze. The scent is best at night, when it attracts Hawkmoths.

Easily grown from seed, they can be treated as annuals, started indoors and planted out after frost. The yellow pictured returned from the roots, the only yellow this year. All the purple are new this year. The leaves have an acrid smell and all parts are poisonous, except to the insects who enjoy them.

Photobucket Hawkmoth nectaring on Lantana


  1. Wow, what beautiful flowers! I have lots I could learn from you. I'd be honored for you to visit my blog:

    Have a great afternoon! Karen

  2. Wow...the purple edged flower is stunning....I've attempted to keep them over winter, but my cat is addicted to plant tasting! gail

  3. Awesome pics! I love the Devil's trumpets, that yellow is just gorgeous. Good shot on that moth :)

    LOL .. I tried to get a bee yesterday, but he got me!

  4. The Trumpet flowers are stunning but I have a soft spot for lantana and yours looks very nice.

  5. Those are spectacular blooms.

  6. I love your fluffy daturas. I'm thinking they are doubles. Is that right?

    I am enjoying the white moonflower I let grow in the veggie garden this year. There are a couple in the gravel by the garbage cans, that I'm also letting grow, but they haven't bloomed yet.

    I put a link to your blog and the cottage garden forum in my post on annuals yesterday.

  7. I had never heard Datura's called Devil's Trumpets - but I love the nickname - now I have Angels Trumpets and Devils Trumpet facing off in adjacent beds. Love the purple one, too! Datura?


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