Saturday, July 18, 2009

Floating Solar Fountain

I always wanted a floating solar fountain so I could have moving water far from a power source without 300 feet of electric cord. Grandpa's old Syrup Kettle has a big piece broken off the rim, and evidence of ancient repairs that eventually failed. It still holds ample fluid for a water feature.

When I searched for solar fountains in the past, many complained that the floating kind eventually became waterlogged. This one has 90 days to decide if it wants to do that. It was inexpensive as compared to 4-5 years ago.

The plants around the syrup kettle are all water hogs, so frequent topping off will make them happy.


  1. I've looked at solar fountains too. Which one did you get? Yours looks lovely in it's new home. I bet it is very soothing to hear and be around.


  2. Can't even imagine being so lucky as to have a pond/fountain. The sound of moving water is one of my favorite sounds. I think I hear a creek trickling over the rocks right now (not really).


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