Friday, July 17, 2009

Foliage Friday

Foliage Friday is the grand idea of Blackswamp_Girl Kim, who expounded on Frances' idea of Weed Wednesday. I'm like my florist friend Mr. Ramon who refused to sell dead flowers to a football team who wanted to send them to their opponents. 'I don't sell dead flowers,' he said. I don't show weeds if I can avoid it, unless for identification or commiseration. Most of the time you can just name a weed and people know what you're talking about. I'll not give them much bandwidth.

I'm all for Foliage, though.

Clockwise from the left: Persian Shield with Licorice Plant, White Caladiums with variegated 'Mariesii' Hydrangea, 'Bengal Tiger' cannas with 'Black Magic' caladium,
Purple Heart and Bulbine, and in the middle, Red Caladiums I've forgotten the name with Cypress Vine, which I guess qualifies as a weed.

Wait! Steve Silk has featured Fab Foliage Friday on his blog since last year.
I kept thinking I'd seen this before, and then wandered onto his blog from my Feeds and recognized where I'd seen it. He has about 40 Fab Foliage posts, if you are out of ideas. He never invited anybody else, so I guess this is different.


  1. I think I'd like your florist friend, Mr. Ramon. The white caladiums always appeal to me when I see then planted in a lightly shaded area. Very nice foliage you have going on there in GA. We drove through GA last week....on our way from Atlanta to Nashville and then back to Zone 4.

  2. I am really in love with that Persian Shield, paired with the white caladiums ... :)


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