Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Orange Julius

Pride of Barbados
Livin' Easy Roses

Orange Julius originated at the Orange Juice stand of Julius Freed in the 1920's. Freed's accountant couldn't tolerate pure O.J., so Freed mixed him up some juice, milk, sugar and ice and the Julius was created. Sometimes I just mix up equal parts orange juice and milk without the ice, sugar and blender. The juice curdles the milk. A little vanilla makes it tasty, too. Real recipes abound on the net.

No flowers are used to make Orange Julius.


  1. Isn't it fun this time of year, when so many flowers are blooming? You have some great ones, and I especially like the ones that attract butterflies. Oh, my tithonia I planted after seeing it on your blog and reading the things you said about it, should be blooming in a couple weeks. I had a row of zinnias in front of the ones in my garden across the street that were taller, but now the tithonias are catching up.

  2. Thanks for visiting and telling me how to delete the photo! I love your rose.

  3. Well you know I love your "hot" colors. I have very fond memories of drinking Orange Julius's when we would visit our relatives down south as a child .. we couldn't get them here. Yum!

  4. Nell, I have the first two of your plants! How great it is to know their English names now.
    So you make the juice using all the three kinds of flowers? In my country, people use Pride of Barbados to decorate their ancestors' altar!

  5. No, no flowers in the Orange Julius! Just Orange Juice from citrus fruit -- ours comes from Florida. So many orange flowers blooming now just reminded me of the treat.

  6. I really like the orange colors and plants you have. I've never been a fan of orange, but somehow, orange is creeping into my garden. After seeing what you're growing, I'm thinking I need more. Thanks for sharing.


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