Saturday, July 4, 2009

Polkadots and Moombeams

In previous years, I pulled all but the purplest periwinkles. The past 2 years, a few pale pinks sneaked in and I left them. Now we're back to polkadot colors when reseeders start to bloom.

'Moonbeam' coreopsis is the palest yellow, just right with 'Sunny Knockout' roses, which have a tendency to fade to near white, and 'Brocaded Gown' daylilies in the palest yellow-green.


  1. Those Periwinkles reseed themselves throughout my garden too. Moonbeam Coreopsis looks great mingling with the Sunny Knockouts.

  2. Love the Sunny Knockout. I am considering buying one next year. This is the first year my periwinkles have reseeded, but they havent bloomed no idea what color. Yours are pretty.


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