Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stargazer and Pride of Barbados

I never tire of lilies, and Stargazer, which has been since 1978, is always a favorite. Leslie Woodruff developed a hybrid of the bell-shaped, aromatic Oriental lily and the brightly colored, upright Asiatic lily, which he later named ‘Star Gazer’ because of the way the bloom opened toward the sky. This remarkable hybrid lily created a revolution in the lily world, a flower that was both pleasing to the eye and to the nose.

I can hardly wait for Pride of Barbados to open fully. The flowers open yellow and orange and deepen to solid orange. Show here with Esperanza, they add tropical excitement to a flower border.


  1. I like the "hot" colors in the second pic .. but then I favor hot colors in the garden :) Lillies are a fav of mine too.

  2. Someone has offered me a rooted cutting of pride of barbados. I'm just not sure they're winter hardy here. Beautiful plants. All through the garden, you can smell the stargazers. The wind carries the scent everywhere.


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