Tuesday, July 7, 2009

That's not a Partridge in my Pear Tree

... it's a Mockingbird. The pear tree has so many pears we have to prop the limbs to keep them from breaking. I've thinned them twice and there are still too many. The mockingbird finds the top of one of the props, which is a cut pecan sapling, a good place to light.


  1. Okay I am officially jealous! I have been keeping an eye on a pear tree up here, and the fruits are no where near the size of yours .. great shot of that Mocking Bird!

  2. Cool photo! I hope your pears ripen well and aren't bothered by critters.

  3. What a cute picture! My apple tree is doing the same thing. I've already found one small branch broken. I guess it's a good sign we'll have lots of fruit.


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