Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top Topics

Top Five searches that bring visitors to my blog:

1) Pride of Barbados
Texas Gardeners sometimes call Caesalpinia pulcherrima 'Red Bird of Paradise.' I am waiting and hoping for my African Bird of Paradise Strelitzia reginae to bloom.

2) Purple Datura

3) Heliconia

4) Lilies
Stargazer is the most commonly searched. These are Regal lilies.

5) Shrimp Plant shrimp plant
Red shrimp plant is easier to bring to bloom; the white Justicia betonica is more exotic. I've only coaxed it to bloom in the greenhouse.

Interesting that all except lilies are Tropical Plants. Many visitors are looking for a source of seeds or plants. Tropicals are available at local nurseries. In this climate, it is possible to grow in-ground some of the less tender tropicals offered as house plants. I order off for seeds and bulbs from commonly known online sources. Trading with a friend is how I came to have the white shrimp plant and seeds of Pride of Barbados.


  1. Lilies are my favorite - especially the Asian variety. My sis has a big reddish orange Tiger Lily in her yard that is doing nothing but *showing off* this year - looks like the winter and spring rains did wonders for perennials.

  2. Your white shrimp plant looks just gorgeous! It appears to have grown a lot, too.

    I have a very pretty yellow going nuts in my back yard. It has been there for a couple of years, and never even offered to freeze, nor die of the heat. It is amazing, and it multiplies!

  3. This post is similar to one I have in my head that I'm planning to do. I'm not sure when it will get done, though.

    I enjoyed seeing the searchers that lead people to your blog. I also plan on giving more information on some of them.

  4. I meant to say I want to give more information on what people are looking for when they find my blog.

    I like your new header.


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