Sunday, July 12, 2009

When the Deep Purple Falls

A little later on, melampodium will add great billows of yellow and even later than that Salvia leucantha will add bigger billows of a lighter purple. Right now, everything is mostly green and purple.

Purple Datura even has dark stems. The fully open blossoms have swirls of white, the buds are darkest purple. The blooms are fragrant at night, attracting moths whose larvae are already starting to eat the leaves.

The leaves of crinums and Bengal Tiger cannas make a foil for darkest 'Black Magic' elephant ears and Persian Shield.

Purple Heart and Bulbine -- tangerine Bulbine blossoms don't show up well, no matter how hard I try.


  1. Forgive me for calling your Datura a Brug. Very beautiful! I got some starts of purple heart from a friend and hope it multiplies like wildfire. I can never get enough purple in the garden.

  2. Purple has to be my favorite color in the garden, I LOVE this Datura!

  3. That purple heart really is a gorgeous focal point & looks great with all the other perennials. :)

  4. I enjoyed enlarging the photos, and was able to see the smaller flowers that way. I miss having my purple datura. I didn't let it go to seed because I was worried about it being poisonous. It was closes to the edge, but I could have moved seedlings to farther in the flower bed. I didn't pull my foxgloves up. Oh, well, I can find them again in the future. Yours are beautiful!

  5. I forgot to mention that I rearrannged things on my sidebar to put the information about my photos and that you can click to make them larger just before reading your comment. I also went in and put that in case anyone didn't read my information. Then, I decided to move it up higher to the middle part under my header.

    I hope you are getting your storm caused project done.

  6. Oh yes, I love your purple datura. I wonder if it would grow in my garden? I've only seen white and pink varieties in UK catalogues I think. And they have to be indoors through winter. Thanks Seed Scatterer! And belated happy Bloom Day!

  7. I am absolutely drooling over your datura, too! When the deep purple falls... it looks like the garden is awash in beauty. :)


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