Wednesday, July 22, 2009


One of the easiest and most common annuals, they need no introduction.

One of my favorites, it reminds me of a sunset.


  1. I love that last zinnia. Well, I love all of them. Just looked at your last post,too. I adore yellow roses or yellow/orange ones.

  2. The zinnias, the butterfly, the driftwood....pretty as a picture. Wait, it is a picture.

  3. I think I could happily garden with only annuals, especially zinnias.

    They have the widest range of colors and even blends of colors.

    Yours are gorgeous.

  4. Zinnias are my favorites, especially the RED zinnias! Love the one with the deadwood.

  5. I miss having zinnias - our garden is just too crowded for them. I have a spot in mind though for next year.

  6. Your colors are nice and bright. I'm glad I planted some this year. Most of them turned out to be pink. I'm tickled they are doing well so far.


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