Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beggar Lice

Where Summer goes stripping the wayside rose
Of all its blooms, and plumping red its hips;
Her grasshopper gown of rustling golds and grays
Bristling with burrs caught from the trefoil's sprays,
And from the thorny marigold's tick-like tips.
-- From "Nature-Notes And Impressions" by Madison Cawein

Weeds are not dumb. Beggar Lice Desmodium canesens, sometimes known as tick trefoil, hides among tall summer flowers, unnoticed until the thin upper stems show pink blossoms, by which time there are chains of flat, tick-like pods lower on the stems partly hidden by the plants around them. I pulled three from among Datura and Salvia leucantha.

The awaited camera is somewhere between here and Atlanta, so there is no picture. I have so many things to show you when it arrives.


  1. Nell, I think I am missing the camera as much as you are! I look forward to your posts (with pictures) each day.

    We have 4 different kinds of stickers here. I just got covered with the tiny stick-like ones that we call Stick-me-tights.

    Yell loudly when the camera arrives!

  2. I dont have beggars lice here in town but when we lived in the country we had PLENTY. I miss your camera too!


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