Sunday, August 9, 2009

Curcumas are Blooming and the Camera is Broken

I guess one Curcuma blossom is as good as another, but I wanted to show you the 5 that are open now, not these from last year!
Curcuma and Alpina

I'm having to improvise until the new camera arrives mid-week. We're tracking its progress down the East Coast.

I think this year's Ginger blooms are bigger than last, maybe because last year was droughty and we've had almost daily rain lately.

I wanted to show off the newly edged driveways, too, but you know how neatly edged grass looks. Centipede just goes crazy with adequate water, crawling over and through everything.


  1. Those leaves look like the ones of a plant growing b my shed that looks like canna to me. My mother-in-law grew them, but she died over 10 years ago. I don't know how it got there, but maybe it's not a canna after all.

    I can't remember if you said you are getting a new camera, or yours fixed. I hope the days go by quickly for you. That is a pretty plant and bloom.

  2. What happened to your camera?

    Goodness, I hope nothing happens to mine. I would be lost without it!

    The gingers are beautiful. Mine seems to put on larger blooms now too. Maybe it is part of the sleeping, creeping, leaping thing.


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