Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fed Ex Handed Off my Camera to USPS

Buffy is recovering from an injured toenail. Vet trip, Doctor told her she had a pretty face. I think he says that to all the girls.

We've been anxiously following the progress of my camera down the East Coast for a week now. Yesterday we learned that when it finally reached Atlanta, it was handed off to the Post Office. Fed Ex brings packages here all the time, it isn't as though they don't know us. Seems it is more cost effective to the shipper to change ponies in the middle of the journey. The anticipated delivery date was extended by 2 days.

Will I get it in time for Bloom Day? Is it cheating if I just go out and look at what's blooming and use the same picture from August 15 of last year?


  1. Buffy is most sweet. I so love sweet garden helpers of the canine variety (provided they don't dig!) I hope her toenail heals soon. I say it is not cheating to use photos from last August if the same plant is blooming now. Who would know anyhow except you and you know the same flowers are blooming so go for it if your camera doesn't make it in time.

  2. Is it cheating to take a cutting of a plant you want more of rather than wait for seeds and germination? Is it cheating to sow seeds in the fall for spring blooms? Is it cheating to use a cloner rather than soil for faster rooting? If so, I'd say don't use last year's pictures. But I'd use them in a heart beat.

  3. Buffy is a sweetie.

    I hope you get your camera soon. What kind did you get?



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