Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Housekeeping

Do you regularly check your own links? Capricious in Cleveland changed her blog some months back. Because she's on my feed list, I failed to click on my own list of blogs. Turns out she was reachable if you click through the old site, but inconvenient for anybody who wanted to check out her blog from my site.

I fixed that. Capricious still posts an occasional mouthwatering recipe but her blog extends to her rooftop garden and other interests now.

I spend a lot of time on adding and deleting entries to my feeds. I'll see a blog that looks so promising; they'll stop posting. I'm trying to limit garden blogs to those who have information most pertinent to my climate. Fellow gardeners in Georgia, north Florida, Alabama and other nearby Southern States are high on my list as well as Texas Gardeners from Dallas to the Gulf Coast. If it grows in most of Texas, it will grow in my garden, except for lime-lovers like bluebonnets.

There are exceptions. Sometimes I find a blog that is just too beautiful not to visit again and again. I have little spells of interest in those blogs with all the decorating features and the ones with an eye to thrift and recyling. I confess, if the blog turns out to be long posts of pictures 'borrowed' off the net, I'm probably going to delete. It's like going to somebody's house to look at their magazines, not that I wouldn't love that, especially if they served iced tea and some treats. I'm always curious as to how they get around the copyright issue?


  1. I have a list of blogs I've been reading for a while and now for some unknown reason am unable to leave comments. I hate thinking that all those bloggers think I'm not interested anymore. On the other hand, they probably don't about me at all:) So....what are you trying to say.....that you're not interested in my zone 4 garden? I kid, I kid.

  2. There is more on your blog to see than just flowers I can't grow, Donna. (I have to admit to closing my eyes and scrolling past the hostas, lol.) I still haven't dug the pitiful little hostas remaining here and potted them up for winter. Isn't that a switch? Potting up so they get COLD?

  3. Donna, tulips are the best bait for NellJean! Especially PURPLE tulips! LOL, she LOVES those tulips!

    I worry that everybody will quit visiting my blog, because I have not been posting regularly. It is raining here now, maybe I will be cured of my depressed state.

  4. Good morning Nell ~ Your post inspired me to really look at my long blog list that I was following. Some haven't posted in months, others do daily and like you I followed some at the time because I was interested and didn't want to forget where they were. My list kept getting longer and longer. I checked them out again and some I decided I just didn't have the time for or am not really interested in to keep following. ~ I don't want to hurt people's feelings but time is precious these days and I will still check on blogs, but my list was becoming too much to even think about.

    I thank those who follow mine and if any want to stop following I don't want them to feel bad, but to move ahead with their life.

    Your blog interests me because you and I grow so many of the same plants, except I have a problem with growing gardenias. I love your many garden areas on your property and your critter stories.



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