Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Love the Night Life

The garden changes when dark begins to fall, especially after a rain.

Tons of grass grew over the driveway. We're edging, little by little. Bermuda will begin to grow in asphalt. Centipede just forms a mat that can be scraped up and used as sod in bare spots elsewhere. Centipede is a strong grower, but no nearly so aggravating as Bermuda. Centipede will also tolerate a bit of shade.

From the opposite side of the yard, with a glimpse of a rock project.

Magnolia leaves are dramatic in dying light, especially after a rain. Lichens on ancient wood show up well, and white striped leaves. Red blossoms of begonias and Brazilian ruellia showed up well, but the light was not quite enough to capture the zinnias in the background.

Sweet Buffy in a pensive pose.


  1. Your doggie is so cute! I never think about the garden at night - but your post gives me a new perspective. -Jackie

  2. The quiet and stillness of the night is a wonder isn't it? Buffy is growing!


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