Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Here! It's Here! My new Nikon!

Our faithful rural mail carrier, Darrell, brought it up to the house instead of stuffing it in the black mailbox in the sun. DH gave him some spritzes of Cutter spray to fight gnats the rest of his route. I've mastered the on button, point, click parts. It's small compared to my old camera; so is the little card that goes in it, and half the batteries. I'll get used to it.

My first effort is a new photo for my blogger profile, looking in the mirror on the side of the pumphouse. Orange flowers turn out ugly. Hydrangeas looked great. I have to practice.


  1. My first camera had a dock that it sat on while not in use that charged the rechargable batteries automatically. My second camera did not have this dock, and then something got spilled into the dock for the first camera and it wouldn't work anymore.

    I had a terrible time, trying to keep batteries recharged for my cameras. I finally learned about lithium batteries, and have had no problems since. I have been using the same lithium batteries in my camera for about 4 months now. I take a slew of pictures.

    These batteries are not inexpensive, but well worth the price to me.


  2. I meant to say this too....

    Yea! that you got the new camera! I always look forward to see what scenes you have captured to share with us.


  3. Yay! I have a new Nikon too. I was totally in love with it, and still am in serious serious like with it. However, I think I need a macro lens to fall back in love with it.

    It's so fun, isn't it?

  4. btw, that's a great picture on your profile!


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