Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monarch Butterfly

Monarchs are rare visitors here, usually just passing through to a warmer or cooler climate, depending on the time of year. I was surprised to see this one Wednesday morning, cavorting on Tithonia with the Gulf Frits and Dark Swallowtails.

I always look up Monarchs to make sure my Monarch isn't a Viceroy. The double row of white spots confirmed him. Viceroys have a dark line on the hind wing to distinuish them.


  1. Gorgeous photos of Monarch! Wow!

  2. Great pics of the butterfly - the second one is post card perfect! Butterflies are beautiful.

  3. Hi Nell Jean, we don't get many monarchs here either. Your shots are great and I do love the tithonia. Must try that again next year, the hummers love it too. Thanks for the info about the viceroy's stripe. :-)

  4. I have been seeing 2 to 3 Monarchs every day for over a month. I'm not seeing the other butterflies I saw last year as often. I've only seen a couple or three caterpillars.


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