Monday, August 17, 2009

Overcast Monday

The storm, Claudette, came ashore well to the west of us and is over in south Alabama, weakening. The flood watch will go away. We still expect afternoon showers and thunderstorms through the week. This August has been so different to the past two years when we hardly got a whiff of rain and melampodium struggled to hang on. Periwinkles would actually prefer to be a little dry, but they're bravely blooming in the damp.

Daturas -- the purples are wild. A yellow that returned from last year is smaller than before, with sparse blooms. I'm of the opinion that new Datura plants from seed every year may be preferable.

There's a view of the whole bed at the bottom of the blog page.

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  1. I agree about the datura. I always start new plants from seed in spring, or late winter in the greenhouse. The plants that hold over are never as pretty or as strong as the new plants.

    You are on a picture takin' tantrum! Keep it up, I am loving these pictures. I may have to have a Nikon.....not now, but one day, maybe. How do I wear out these cameras? LOL

    That melampodium is gorgeous, the prettiest I've ever seen, I think.


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