Monday, August 24, 2009

Tigers in the Garden

Bengal Tiger Canna shows off with sunlight at an angle through the striped leaves. It takes oceans of water to grow Cannas well. Crinums, Elephant Ears, Cannas and other water hogs are lumped together here. Notice the little solar fountain is still spouting at lower edge.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Tithonia

A view from the north edge of the Upper Garden, under shade of a Live Oak. Bengal Tiger is at distant right.


  1. I love the Bengal Tiger canna. It is the only canna that I really like and it's because of the striking striped foliage. I just planted some of them in various places around my yard.

  2. Nice pictures today! My daughter is growing a canna. Hers is pink, I think. The striped foliage of yours is nice.
    When we moved here there was a thick patch of yellow and red cannas in one bed. We lived with it for 2 years then took them all out. They were overgrown and not flowering so well. After that, I dont think Wayne will ever let me plant another one.

  3. Love that 'Bengal Tiger' canna! I bought 'Tropicanna' this year, which is also striped, but it's a darker burgundy color. I have it sitting in our little pond and it is happy as a clam there! Maybe I'll have to add a 'Bengal Tiger' next year!

  4. Maybe that's why I have never tried cannas or elephant's ears. When I see something requires lots of water, I usually pass. However, the last three years we have had timely rains all year. I really like the Bengal Tiger. Maybe I should dedicate the area around the bird bath to bog plants. I always overrun the bb to clean it.

    I am really impressed with that solar fountain. I would love to have something similar where we could hear it while sitting on the porch.
    What a pretty bouquet! Sometimes the simplest are the best.


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