Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wax Begonias for Shade

Mama used to grow wax begonias in pots, as houseplants. I think they're pretty as bedding plants, blooming non-stop.

In really hot climates, impatiens faint and fall over without constant watering. Wax Begonias enjoy water, but they can skip some of those waterings without withering. Begonias cuttings root easily. The colors range from white to red. The leaves may be bright green or a pretty bronze.


  1. I grew those a couple of years ago for a small shady spot by the back door and loved them.

    I failed to take cuttings before frost. Do you take cuttings and winter over in the greenhouse?

    Mom had those too and a big wax wing begonia. The only drawback was the messy dropped blooms around the table.

    I like that row of them under the srubs.

  2. I've grown those in the past and they never do well for me. :-( Yours are beautiful!

    I have some begonias, though and what you say about these applies for the ones I have, too. I keep them in the house over the winter and they do great!

  3. Nell Jean,

    Thanks for the feedback about the post on label clouds. I came over to check out your brand new label cloud and found this post that brought back a memory.

    When I was a kid I used to eat the petals off the Wax Begonias my aunt grew and she hated me for it. Don't know why I did it but I remember I used to crave the taste.


  4. I have a row of azaleas that need something in front of them. Nothing seems to like growing there. Maybe next year I will try wax begonias.

  5. I do take cuttings; sometimes I dig a whole plant and pot up for the greenhouse.

    I really appreciate getting such great instructions for the label cloud, thanks to Mr Brown Thumb. Of course I had to go out and sample some begonia petals. They have that sour taste that buds of the weed we used to call 'sheepsour' has.


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