Friday, August 21, 2009

When a Thug Gets Sick -- Obedient Plant

There is a patch of Obedient Plant at the end of a row of Loropetalums that have grown up like trees. Incidentally, I saw butterflies visiting loropetalum flowers today - the loropetalums put on scattered blossoms late in August sometimes.

Anyhow, back to the Obedient Plant which surrounds a small boxwood, plants in the middle are starting to wilt and die. If I pull them up, the wilty ones have a web-like white substance on the roots. the more pitiful ones have brown, dying roots. All the sick ones pull up easily. The still healthy ones will not come up easily and the one I pulled up to check, had good healthy appearing roots. I pulled up all that would easily pull and put them in the trash. They wait to bloom here until almost frost and I'm not particularly fond of them. Do you think they sensed that and decided to go on?


  1. I just pulled a bunch of obedient plants out of my garden. It seemed like overnight they were everywhere. Very invasive I guess. I think they are pretty but too much is too much.

  2. Obedient plant grows wild here. I like them, and would like for them to fill the areas in my garden that are bare, so that weeds will not have a space to take hold. But, I have a very hard time getting them to grow and multiply. I wonder what I do wrong.

    I am sure they thought that since you don't like them anyway, they would just do the courteous thing and get out of your way. NOT! LOL

    It is raining at my house. Thank you, Lord!

  3. I'm afraid of Obedient Plant. It is so invasive and almost impossible to eradicate.


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