Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Should Have Been Here Tomorrow

It never fails. I made pics late last evening so I'd be ready for Bloom Day this morning. Today everything looks better, especially these.

Crinum jagus

Purple Datura

Will I ever learn?


  1. Beautiful August blooms. I laughed at the title of your post - I am all too familiar with that sentiment :)

  2. What a difference a couple of zones make! I love the flowers you can grow down south.

  3. Thanks for visting my garden. I knew with a name like NellJean you had to be Southern :-) We always have a middle name don't we?

    Of course the flowers are always better the day before or after you want to show them.

  4. Why isn't my jagus blooming? Breathtaking!

    Beautiful pictures! Are they from your new camera? I may need to get a new camera too. Of course, then I would have to take a photography course, to learn how to take

    Great post!

  5. The datura is beautiful! I haven't seen purple before. I might have to try that here.

  6. Your post title made me smile and I thank you for that. I think your yesterdays and tomorrows are all great! At our local garden fair back in June, I saw lots of purple datura and have to say that they're a very impressive plant.

  7. The purple datura is gorgeous!


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